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Whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas, our site is your one-stop shopping source. From fun items to the traditional, you can easily search for some of the hottest items on the market, and we are here for you to further discuss your needs.  We might even be able to get you a better price by contacting the supplier directly prior to ordering!  Quickly and easily search our vast database of products for items to:

  • Improve traffic at trade shows, recruitment fairs and community events!
  • Motivate your staff and volunteers
  • Thank a customer
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Increase brand awareness of your company or organization
  • Compliment your marketing and advertising campaign

When you find what you are looking for, it is best to contact us directly at 937-433-5200.  We would like to talk with you more about your specific needs.  We can also double check inventory, production time and provide you with all of your pricing information including shipping costs.  Again, just give us a call at 937-433-5200!


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